Amit Mudgal
Product Engineer, SpliceMachine

Brig Lamoreaux
Solutions Architect, Microsoft

Narasimhan Sampath
System Architect, Choice

Amit Sharma
Solution Architect, Amazon

Pat Patterson
Community Champion, Streamsets

Rich Dill
Sr. Enterprise Architect, SnapLogic

Distinguished Architect, Thought Leader, Open Source Advocate, Speaker and Writer with focus on emerging technologies

Thejas Nair
Apache Hive committer & PMC member, Hortonworks

Pramod Immaneni
Apache Apex PMC & Senior Architect, DataTorrent

Gagan Brahmi
Solution Architect, ZDATA Inc.

Avinash Ramineni
Principal, Clairvoyant

Mark Cade
Senior Systems Engineer, MapR

Aaron Shaha
Big Data Evangelist, Root9B

Scott Grzybowski
Solutions Architect, Cloudera

John Barton
Solutions Engineer, SAP

Rick Conrad
Founder and CEO, Tresata

Shaun Mitra
Chief Business Officer, Technosphere Labs

Robert Sanders
Senior Big Data Architect, Clairvoyant

Dan Marshall
Big Data Applications Engineer, Wells Fargo

Rick Conrad
Pre Sales Engineer, Confluent

Rick Conrad
Solutions Engineer, Datameer

Jim Stewart
Director of Global Alliances, Fuzzy Logix

Rick Conrad
Data Scientist, Fuzzy Logix

Gary Orenstein
Marketing Head, MemSQL

Manish Ahluwalia
Security Engineer, Cloudera



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